Georgi Karakhanyan

Logo, T-shirts

Georgi Karakhanyan is a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter who wanted to start his own clothing line. He wanted his initials to be a part of his logo, along with the term “Jiu-Jitsu,” his style of fighting. At first, we experimented with color, and then we added some “grunge” to show the impact of cage fighting and everything that’s disturbing about the octagon. We then took a completely different approach after discussing modern and abstract themes with different color variations to show his fun side. If it were up to Georgi, he would use all the logos we’d designed, but he chose the design in the middle. The logo will appear on his fighting trunks and T-shirts, along with other promotional items.

Logo concepts and final design
Georgi Karakhanyan MMA Jiu-Jitsu